3 habits of successful people that can predict your success in oriflame

3 habits of successful people that can predict your success in oriflame

These 3 habits of successful people can help you decide if oriflame will work for you .

You actually do not need any form of certification to become an Oriflame consultant but there are certain traits you must possess to become successful but I will only list 3 of them in this video

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Hi , today I just want to spend some time out of my busy schedule to help you know if you will be successful in Oriflame as a beauty consultant

You actually do not need any form of certification to become an Oriflame consultant but there are certain traits you must possess to become successful but I will only list a few of them

If you have been following me for sometime on social media , you will have noticed that I joined this business less than 2 years ago and today I am proud to say that I have a lot successful beautypreneurs that have come out of my business
But I remember that first time I asked myself what assurance do I have that this business will work for me even if I had already started the business

When new people come in to take a look at the business , I hear this same question repeatedly but in different forms like “what if I don’t make it?” “what if I am just about to waste money “ “what if this” “what if that”
Now to avoid wasting your money , let me help you make a better decision by sharing with you the 3 traits I find common among successful Oriflame entrepreneur . Now if any of these sounds like you , I challenge you to take the bold step and join the company because you already have what it takes to succeed with the ccompany

1. Speed of implementation …
One thing I have noticed about successful Oriflame consultants or other successful people I have mingled with is that they are very impatient with success . They always want it to happen right now but they also understand that it will not happen by magic . So they always go the extra mile to think up ideas that can help them reach their goals in the shortest time possible
So once they hit on an idea they consider brilliant , they implement it immediately

So many times in my grand sponsors business I have seen people come up with great ideas that were implemented in less than 24 hours

One of them that amazed me the most was when some one just blabbed about us hosting a new year business retreat that will not cost Oriflame anything. To her , she was just talking but my team leader picked it as a good idea. In less than 2 weeks , we were paying money to host a new year business retreat at Sheraton

The event held with so much to eat and drink . there was so much information being passed around with materials that made me wonder what time he had to prepare all of that

The motivation we got from that business retreat is what has kept many of us going all through this year

Successful people are like that . They don’t waste time in implementing an idea that will help them maximize results from their business

2 An ability to take action when you feel uncertain.

Successful people recognize a good opportunity when it comes and they usually go into it without being sure if it will work or not .
Most successful leaders in Oriflame today joined the business without a proper plan on how they were going to make it work
Some just joined to get good quality products for themselves and family , while some just joined to make a few extra cash from sales but somewhere along the line , things changed . they became more interested in the business opportunity Oriflame offers , they got more excited with more promising offers and then somehow they found themselves at the top without being able to explain how they did it

When I first heard about Oriflame, I just wanted to do business with a company that had products of high standards that I can use everyday and recommend comfortably wit a friend .
How I got this far with the business is something I still can’t explain . its not like I had a blue print of how my success story was going to play out .

The only tool I had was my social media which many of you already have . How my social network was going to react to the fact that I am now a beauty consultant with Oriflame is something I had no answers to .

When I started , I brought my business to social media and experimented with products, the business opportunity itself , I even tried out different social media platforms before I eventually settled for what works and what doesn’t

Today , if you come into my Oriflame business, I can give you a business plan on how to run your business with less risk . But it wasn’t always like this . I had to gather experience over time by trying out different things that can help me succeed . I wasn’t certain or sure if this whole Oriflame opportunity was my kind of thing but I was willing to try and I set my heart for no other results but success

So if you really want to be successful on a general note , you need to learn how to take uncertain steps before that voice in your head begins to tell you to stop

3rdly, How much do you value your time ?
If you are someone who understands how important time is , it’s a sign that you will succeed in Oriflame.

Successful people hardly have time for social media , they barely have the time to watch TV , they wake up 4am and sleep by 12 midnite

They love what they do so they usually lose track of time and over work themselves without complaining. Call it anything you like but that’s why they are successful in the first place because they are so absorbed in what they do .
If you have an interview with 2 or 3 successful consultants in Oriflame, you will find that they hardly have time for any of the things I have mentioned.

Sooo, if you are spending so much time on social media and you are not making money like me or any other Oriflame consultant, then its about time you had a rethink on what you want to achieve with your time

In summary , 3 signs that tell if you will succeed in Oriflame are speed of implementation, an ability to take action when you are uncertain and how much you value your time

If any of these 3 sounds like you , then your success with Oriflame is guaranteed

If you already started of joining Oriflame or this is your first time , I will encourage you to take up the opportunity there is no way you can fail.

If you want to work with me in Oriflame , simply find me with the WhatsApp number attached to this video

Feel free to drop your comments or ask me a question even if you are not in my team . I will always come online to answer

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