Oriflame Skincare Business Training

You are here because you will like to take better care of our skin right?

Everyone wants to have a younger , healthier looking skin at any age …but how many people are willing to pay the price it takes ?

Did you know that studies have shown that we can actually influence as much as 80% of our skin’s ageing?

Now That’s a lot..dont you agree?

Taking care of your skin from an early age is a real investment and will determine how you will look in years  .  The mistake many people make is that they wait till the wrinkles begin to appear before they take precautions

My job here today is to let you know how you can look up to 10 years younger while working with oriflame

Lets start with a quick overview of what I have planned for you

I will start by giving you a short introduction to oriflame , its heritage , business opportunity and skin care expertise.

SEGMENT 2 – You will get a quick over view of skin care in general, what are the benefits of skin care

Following this I will introduce you to our 4 step youth enhancing skin care routine . the routine is designed to give you even better results while using our anti ageing products

The best thing about our routine products is that , if religiously followed , you will maximize its advanced formular and get perfect results in 12 weeks

SEGMENT 3  , you will discover ONE  of our amazing advanced performing anti ageing skin care brand. I am sure you will like IT

And finally , after the skin care session , you can consult me on your individual skin care needs and I will help each of you find the right product to suit your skin

SEGMENT 4 – We will also let you into the oriflame success plan , and our incentive for you if you join our company through the BBL Dream Team


So lets get started …




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