My dream of paris! What to see

My dream of paris! What to see

Bonjour Paris!

That is what I say to myself every morning in anticipation of my visit to one of the most popular cities in the world

In 2018 , Oriflame will be hosting over 2000 consultants from across the globe in Paris (France ) and I am one of them

I am so super excited about this particular trip because I will not be going alone

I have mapped out a very effective plan to help other members of the bbl network qualify for this event

The qualification period begins in April 2017 and ends in march 2018 , so you see , you have got just enough time to prepare ahead and I can teach you how to get a ticket for yourself

Here are the 5 places I can’t wait to see on this trip ..

ARC DE TRIOMPHE:  – the largest triumphal arch in Europe which has an overall height of 49.64 metres , width of 44.82 metres and depth of 22.21 metres. It was commissioned in 1806 by Napoleon 1 in honour of his success in defeating the Russian and Austrian army in the battle of Austerlitz . it is strongly recommended for the visitors to climb to the top of the arc to reach the terrace where you can enjoy a beautiful view for the surrounding avenues




Notre dame

NOTRE DAME- the legendary cathedral is famous not only because of the precious art pieces ‘ collections , but also from many novels.
Victor Hugo , the french writer placed the action of his classical novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame inside of the cathedral. While the whole construction is really overwhelming , dont miss out the mysterious gargoyles and chimeras atop of the tower which are as thelegend says , protecting the church for hundreds of years

Louvre in paris

The louvre , once a fortress and then a royal residence was open to the public in 1793 and became one of the four largest museum in the world . The world architectural style is a successful merger of the old and the new with not only features of classic french architecture but also the controversial LOUVRE PYRAMID , which serves as the main entrance .
The architecture itself is as remarkable as its collection of art including famous MONALISA , VENUS DE MILO , or NIKE OF SAMOTHRACE


Eiffel towers france

EIFFEL TOWER :The most representative landmark in Paris , LA Tour Eiffel was designed by Gustave Eiffel and is nicknamed by the French as an Iron Lady. The tower is 324 metered tall , including antennae and curtains of 18,038 steel and iron components. the best time to watch the tower is at night , while the Champaign’s flash starts and lasts for 5 minutes every hour



Shopping in paris

Lets GO SHOPPING  ; Paris is considered the world capital for fashion . Famous for top designers like Louis Vuitton, Chanel Dior, Yves Saint Lauren or Givenchy . That is why it is also considered a shopping paradise . Galerie’s Lafayette, Printemps, famous Louis Vuitton foundation or chic boutiques on the champs – Elysées are a must see when you visit the city of lights
I can’t wait for this part


The good thing is, Oriflame has made it easy for every one to qualify for this trip – New or Old


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