Beauty Tips and MakeUp guide on How to Become your own Skincare Expert with Oriflame

I am here for you. D’ BBL Dreams Network specializes in helping young beauty consultants develop a strong beauty business network that will generate a sustainable professional income using the Oriflame Business model

I know a lot of tech stuff that can help you fast track and rebrand your business growth with the world’s largest beauty and cosmetics company, now in Africa

So, Let’s talk

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I am LadyT, a serial Entrepreneur and a Beauty Consultant. I love my jobs…

My mission is to help 1000 people achieve their beauty , business and lifestyle dreams using the Oriflame Business Model. I can help you too.

This is my personal blog where I express my passion for Beauty, Business and a great Lifestyle.

I call my team of young beauty business entrepreneurs The BBL Dream Team.


Welcome to the BBL Entreprenerial  Beauty and Business blog . I am glad you care about  your financial well being which is one of the reasons why you are here

But this is not just about making Money , its about how you can become your own skincare expert and beauty consultant while still having fun.

If you are female and reading this, then you’ve got my instant attention, because my focus is women. I know how tough it is to run a home, raise kids and still work a 9 to 5 job. The task is killing

I believe every woman who runs a home should be engaged in a business that will enable her work from home and achieve financial freedom so she can have more time for family

My mission is to help 1000 people achieve their beauty , business and lifestyle dreams

You may agree with me that right now , Nigeria is in a recession . Oil prices are unstable , the naira is fast falling , inflation is at its peak and companies are downsizing like there is no tomorrow .

On the 21st of april, 2016, Guinness sacked 405 workers ! this came up not up to 3 months after companies like Nigerian breweries , NBC, Flour mills , 7up etc , had laid off thousands of workers . so the question I ask is , how safe is your job?

Even if your job is so safe , with the high inflation in the country  and multiple ways through which money leaves the pocket ,  if you have a job that pays you as much as N200,000 and you don’t have any other source of income , how rich will you still be after deducting expenses?

We do know how far anyone can go with a N200,000 salary . how much of it can you save monthly after deducting expenses


But i have good news for you, if you want to survive financially in this tough economy , where fuel price, dollar exchange rate and expenses have risen , you must match up with not just a salary increase but another source of income from a residual or passive commission based business

Firstly,  let your trust be in God almighty, because i believe strongly in his supremacy

Secondly, there is a whole new way of doing business all around the world today. Literally , a transformation is taking place in the way people buy and sell everything.

At the same time , there is a radical transition in what people are willing and able to do in order to earn a living today. You see it everywhere . You feel it everywhere . Everything is changing fast and going ecommerce

We are in the trend of Es’ and the ES’ are taking all the jobs. Some may even lose job or go out of business if they dont upgrade fast

Join internet millionaires from Oriflame business
Please join us today , hundreds of internet millionaires Beauty Business Entrepreneurs that can be run Offline and Online through the BBL Network



Would you like to learn how to harness the power of social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, BBM, Google Plus, Youtube, LinkedIn to build your own beauty business network from the #1 Largest European Cosmetic company expanding fast in nigeria and existing in over 60 countries?

You might also be interested in building a business that will help you make 3 consecutive international business trips yearly – all expenses paid by this great company

If you are truly serious about having multiple streams of income using a home based business that can earn a stable professional income every 30 days just like I am doing already , then lets get down to business immediately .



As a member of the BBL Dream Team, In the next few weeks we shall introduce you to

  • Basic skin care technicalities
  • Advanced performing skin care products
  • How to make your own herbal extracts for hair , skin and body
  • Skin types and skin treatments
  • A youth enhancing skin care routine that works
  • Oriflame skin care beauty sets
  • How to make your own beauty products
  • Lifestyle and fashion tips for all occassion
  • Start up guides with Oriflame business
  • The easiest way to build a stable monthly income as a beautyPreneur
  • How to rise to the top 20 position in your organization
  • Psychology of sales – How to double your sales skill and move to the top 15 position in your company

In addition , I want you to Look great , Make Money and still have Fun




The BBL Dreams network is a team name for registered and active Oriflame consultants who work on this platform

Who can become an Oriflame Consultant?

  • Anyone with a start up capital of N20,000 or N40,000 or N150,000
  • Can be Male or Female
  • Must be Passionate about beauty and Cosmetics
  • Must be willing to learn about our products.
  • Must be Business minded and living in any part of Nigeria.


  • You will get a welcome pack with introduction materials and price list
  • One free cup of the popular Oriflame Dream cream
  • Select up to 15 or more top selling Designer branded products from the Oriflame web store
  • Partake in the ongoing Oriflame Welcome Program


  • You get to work directly with me so i can teach you proven methods that will help you become a titled Oriflame Director in the next 6 months!
    • I will help you build your first success line and then teach you how to build the rest effortlessly- only if you are starting up with N35,000 minimum capital before the 25th day of this month
    • i will also list you as a Representing Beauty consultant for the BBL Dream Team Network in your area on the BBL DREAMS MARKETPLACe
    • You purchase at a discounted rate from Oriflame and then serve as a consultant for the company, that makes it convenient for local clients in your area to easily access the products without waiting or paying first. The clients can easily collect the items and pay in person. We provide you with clients using our bbldreams Marketplace but I will also advise you to seek your own clients to build your client base.
      We promote you by giving you exposure and the tools necessary to grow as a beauty consultant.When a client contacts us in your area, they will be diverted to you as the consultant and you are the one as a consultant that arranges payment and delivery. This doesn’t disturb your everyday life. All you have to do is create a profile in our Marketplace and our clients will find you. A few hours a day is all it takes.YOU ARE FREE TO SELL ANYWHERE IN NIGERIA AS A REP/CONSULTANT IN ANY LOCATION AS YOUR CLIENT IS YOUR CLIENT BUT YOU WILL BE GIVEN ONLY CLIENTS IN YOUR AREA OR NEIGHBORING AREAS. YOU MUST LIVE IN THE AREA APPLYING FOR