MY First Experience with Optimals EVEN OUT Day and Night Creams

MY First Experience with Optimals EVEN OUT Day and Night Creams


How does Optimals EVEN OUT work?

EVEN OUT combines the powerful antioxidant LINGOIN 50:50 technology with RUMEX ACTIVE,  a plant extract with skin brightening properties. It works to reduce the melanin production, which will reduce the formation of pigmentation, thus helping to even skin tone and reduce visibility of dark areas on the skin


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But Wait! Before you buy, READ THIS

This is not another marketing gimmick like “yours sincerely” might be thinking .

This is about a set of products that have given me a natural facelift . This is about how i feel and the excitement i need to share

Before Oriflame , I never truly liked my skin colour . Most parts of my body were a fine brown but my face had a high concentration of melanin on the jaw and forehead . Beneath my eyes were  well defined circles of dark patches. Being a workaholic , this showed up mostly when i am stressed up or restless from inadequate sleep.

I remember dropping at oshodi sometime 4 years ago when i met this Spa lady who came up to to appreciate my theatrical talents but she didnt leave without letting me know I needed some real beauty therapy to help me look better on screen because my pigmentation was really obvious .

These are moments when i hate not being a fan of photography so i could show you the before and after

Its just that i didnt know trying out optimals beauty products  was going to get me sharing my testimonial on a blog someday

Of course i didnt go for the face treatment she invited me for in her spa because the financial books of an up and coming actress isnt exactly an interesting topic, except of course , there are other sources of income . You either manage or go broke .

But that was then , levels don change now …hehehe

Now i can even afford to give the spa girl some free oriflame products to use for her clients –  if she cares

Even you can get one free. See the end of this post for details

The first 3 months of my interaction with oriflame was focused on making money – who doesnt need that ?

seeing is believing eye cream
Optimals Seeing is believing Eye Cream. Trust me , it works! This 15ml bottle can last up to 2 months and deliver results. Iit drastically reduced the dark circles under my eyes. Tis really seeing is believing

But the last 5 months i have spent on improving my skin and looks. I have never been a make up fan . How i even got into cosmetics is a wonder . There were days when i had to wear eye shadows for the sole purpose of brightening up my dark eye lids or wear foundations just to make me look evenly brown

But that was then , the story is different now. I can wear just white powder and still feel comfortable in my skin like in the picture below

The first time i used the optimals even out day and night cream , i felt a bit more sweaty . Being the first time i knew i had to ask why? I met my sponsor who is also a fan of optimals and asked. She asked if if i cleansed before using it and oh! I said no. Is it really necessary? Duh?

Many people like me always want to save money at our own expense. We want the full results with half the required products

Cleansers remove impurities (especially make up) buried deep in your skin pores while toners balance your skin’s PH (acidity or alkalinity) and removes dead skin layers so that your skin can breathe.

How can anyone overlook that?

Optimals cleansing gel and toner for oily skin

So i got back online and shopped for optimals cleanser and toner. I even added the seeing is believing eye cream (what a name!) who wants to keep those baggy dark eyes?

And wow! the next morning after a night use of the complete set , my skin got the best feeling of freshness it has not experienced in years.  That Seeing is Believing eye cream  is a wonder.

This is 5 months and counting. Now i dont require the use of foundations anymore except for camera lighting purposes which requires heavy make up.

I dont need to hide under eye shadows or get worried over saggy eyes .Thanks to optimals.

Ladies who love and use Optimals

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The purpose of this testimonial is not necessarily for you to join oriflame except you consider it a better option than to buy from a consultant

Truth is , we all dont have to like the same products. If you dont like optimals , what is your favourite oriflame product?

Lets do this , why not post it as a comment and i will read through all your comments and give one FREE optimals product to the writer of the comment i love the most.

If you are game , post it now. But hey! Dont forget to SUBSCRIBE TO THE BBL NEWSLETTER. That is the only way you can get to know if you won my gift .

Happy shopping!

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