Today, I want to talk about the Oriflame Novage Skincare line

Today, I want to talk about the Oriflame Novage Skincare line

And so i met this client who went on about how great she wants to look on her wedding day which was just 3 weeks away without going through a beauty routine

When i showed her the oriflame catalog, she kept scanning through the make up section without a proper glance at the skin care sets which were more important!

I meet these sort of clients everyday , offline and online . They want all the benefits of a good skin care without applying “this” and applying “that” as they put it

The excuse is same old same – No Time. We forget No pain, No gain

I looked at her skin which was obviously dehydrated and i went on about how the make up was going to cake into her facial fine lines if she did not first hydrate the skin before the D-DAY

She drinks too little water and has never used an anti ageing product

Before i met oriflame , i used to think anti ageing skin care product was for aged skin. i have come to realize it has benefits for every skin age

Anti ageing products are super caring , hydrating and a good source of collagen which will not hurt even if you have a little over in your young skin

In your 20s, your skin tends to produce more collagen than it loses. But as you advance your 30s, you lose more collagen than is produced

Fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear so that your skin loses elasticity and resistance to stress and other ageing factors

So , just like most other young Nigerians , i waited this long to start looking out for anti ageing technologies to help my skin stay youthful – Damn!

When Oriflame Novage skincare line was released into the Nigerian market in july , 2016, I decided to try it and see what this novage would do for my skin


The products have proven to  significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles to a great lengths

It has really helped to improve my complexion and skin texture . The full and smooth appearance of my skin is a result of collagen boost


Novage is based on 2 innovative vegetal technologies using the plant extract from the gardinia plant, an expensive and important ingredient in latest skin care technology

Novage is a huge step in addressing the 12 visible signs of ageing  – wrinkles and finelines, dull skin , uneven skin tone , rough skin , large pores, under eye wrinkles , tough skin , crows feet and upper lip wrinkles

Wrinkles are caused by a decrease in skin density so drink a lot of water and use Novage to help reduce the signs of ageing

The ingredients in Novage skincare line effectively these as they have done for my skin. Oriflame developed an effective rejuvenating skincare routine based on 6 synergetic products . Besides the fact that the products look great , they also feel super nice on the skin and are easy to use


All products are best used together as a routine set and can be purchased from an Oriflame consultant in your area at a standard set price of N28,000

Get 5% off the set price when you buy Novage from a member of the BBL Team in your area.  Fill the form below and a Consultant will contact you

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What is your first opinion of the Oriflame Novage Skincare line???

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