How to whiten your teeth in 2 weeks

Who does not want a bright smile ?

Have you ever turned your smile into a slightly dismal frown at the smile of some you first thought had a perfect beauty the moment they smiled at you

That’s the way I first thought when I met young and pretty KIKI,  a 15 year old daughter of a friend I had not seen in almost 12 years after she was born . She developed a yellow toned teeth after her milk set and her parents were lost on what to do about it

I remembered a section of Oriflame catalog that talks about teeth whitening and I brought Sandra’s (kiki’s mum) attention to it . We decided to try it and in less than 2 weeks … We were amazed at the effects of Optifresh on kiki’s teeth . it was almost completely white


Teeth whiteners are surely a must have if you are beauty conscious. This discovery got me researching on the active ingredient in Optifresh – Euginia Caryophyllus, hydrated silica ,Sodium Fluoride and Zinc Sulphate

Optifresh system 8 toothpaste is one of Oriflame’s best selling products.
There are two( 2) types: Total protection fresh mint and crystal white sparkling mint.
The optifresh range of products are formulated to give you at least a 12-hour protection of the teeth,with a rewarding freshness!
They are both designed to protect the teeth against formation of cavities, plaques and tartars that may get deposited on the teeth as we eat on daily basis.

The Optifresh Crystal White Sparkling mint improves the all over whiteness of the teeth which is evident within 2 weeks of use! 👍


The optifresh system 8 toothpastes also protects the gum and the enamel (outer covering of the teeth) by preventing excessive acid attack on the gum and teeth. By so doing,it also reduces the possibilities of staining and tooth discolorations.


The optifresh system 8 tooth paste just like every other Oriflame products have some contents that distinguishes it from other products in the market and that is the organic contents!

I shall be discussing 2 major organic component as well as few very vital ingredients contained in this product.

1.) Eugenia caryophyllus leaf oil and eugenol: This is an extract from Eugenia caryophyllus popularly known as cloves. It’s usually found in Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc.

The Eugenia caryophyllus leaf oil is a volatile oil obtained by steam distillation of leaves of the eugenia plant. The Eugenia caryophyllus leaf oil contains eugenol which is a phytochemical extract that is used in the relief of tooth aches!

2.) Hydrated Silica : This is the active whitening ingredient, hydrated Silica . Silica particles are abrasive that wear down the pellicle coating on the tooth to release stains and polish teeth while brushing. Learn more about teeth whitening ingredients HERE


3.) Sodium Fluoride: this is one of the major contents of optifresh toothpaste. It is an inorganic salt of fluoride used topically to prevent dental caries by preventing corrosion of the tooth enamel by acids.

WHO has recommended a certain amount of fluoride in our toothpastes and optifresh met this recommendations and even more!


3.) Zinc sulphate : this is a food supplement that is very vital for the effective functioning of the body. Medical doctors  recommend tablets of zinc sulphate to patients due to its insufficiency in their bodies but here, because Oriflame has your well being in mind, she added zinc sulphate to optifresh system 8 toothpastes!
I am so proud of Oriflame! 👏👏👏👏👏


Optifresh system 8 toothpaste is the remedy for bad breathe as well as teeth discolouration from stains eg tobacco, cigarettes or lack of care in the past. Therefore, it is a must have for every adult! If you are struggling with bad breathe, use optifresh toothpaste system 8

it’s one of the products we are so addicted to in my family

If your target is teeth whitening, use the crystal clear white toothpaste
PS: when using on children less than 6 years, ensure you supervise them to avoid swallowing. It’s advised to use a very little quantity so that even if they swallow,it won’t cause much harm to their system.


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